Tonight, our candidates discussed many issues, but failed to adequately discuss one of the most important national security issues we face: the resettling of Syrian refugees. Stay tuned for more on this issue:


In the past year, Europe has been rattled by multiple attacks by Syrian refugees, including cases of battery, sexual assault and mass murder.


Despite the atrocities occurring overseas, over 13,000 poorly-screened Syrian refugees have entered the United States since October 1, 2015. These refugees have been placed in over 230 towns and cities across our country.


President Obama has pledged to allow 110,000 more Syrian refugees into the United States in the next fiscal year.


All it takes for one terrorist attack to occur in the United States is for one radical Islamist terrorist to slip through the poor refugee screening process to enter the United States.


Keep watching to find out how many Syrian refugees have been resettled into the communities in your state:

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