8 year old Marcos Heredia, has suffered irreparable brain damage due to epilepsy, and the inability to find medicine imperative to his health and well-being.

His father, also named Marcos Heredia, searched over 20 pharmacies, but was unable to find the medicine his son needed.

“You can’t find the medicines, and the government doesn’t want to accept that.” -Heredia said.

Heredia’s only hope was to drive 540 miles to the Colombian border to pick up the medicine he needed for his son to survive.

The health care in Venezuela has grown severely dangerous for those with medical needs. 85 out of every 100 medicines are completely unavailable in Venezuela.

Venezuelans are suffering, and those with severe illnesses are losing hope. It is time to stand for those in Venezuela who do not have a voice. Please share so that others can hear Marcos Heredia’s story.

Venezuelan American Leadership Council Video Script 

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